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Chelsea Fiedler

When I started working with Garrett in May of 2021, I had never worked with a personal trainer or joined a gym before. I was nervous to start my journey to say the least. However, Garrett’s kind and easy going personality came through right away during our first session. I have felt nothing but comfortable and welcome working with Garrett at Ironworkx. Garrett is always willing to be flexible with my hectic schedule and is always working to switch up my workouts according to how my body is responding to my new lifestyle. I appreciate that Garrett is always striving to help me meet my fitness and weightloss goals while ensuring I am not pushing my body too far and that my technique is correct with every exercise to avoid any injuries. If you are looking to start a new fitness or weight loss journey and don’t want to feel intimidated or pressured, but instead welcomed and encouraged to succeed, I would 100% recommend you start your journey with Garrett.

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