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Garrett - Owner

I Guarantee you will see results training with me if you are serious about making changes. 

As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, I’ve been getting the communities of River Falls, Hudson, Baldwin, Prescott, and all other nearby areas into better exercise and health habits. If you're looking to change the way your quality of life is headed, I am accepting new clients year-round! Join me in River Falls! 

I work with anyone looking to better their sport performance, body composition, and manage their chronic disease. 


Personal Training

Join me, for your choice of 30-min or full hour sessions! Depending on your goals, a session can include these types of exercises: Free Weights, Machines, Body Weight, Cardio, Core, and much more! ​We will make sure to prioritize proper form on all exercises, go over nutrition and proper intake, talk about recovery, and establish a course of action to help you achieve your goals. 

Get one of the most trusted body composition tests on the market! The inbody 570 is one of the most accurate body compositions measuring devices you can find.  Find out what your Body Fat %, Muscle Mass, and Body fat mass is, and much more in under 1 min! 

Online Exercise Programs 

Small Group Training

Small Group Personal Training is perfect for those who want a more personalized experience without breaking the bank. I work with groups of up to 6 people to ensure you get the attention you need. I provide tailored exercises that work for your individual needs, so you can see real results and change your lifestyle for the better.

Allow me to make a custom exercise program based off of your goals. Losing weight, gaining muscle mass, training for an event or sport are all possible with my Exercise Programs.​I utilize an app to give you your exercises, set & reps, weights along with visual examples of each exercise; all on your phone!

In-Body 570

In-Body Composition Scan

Book an In-Body Scan

Group Classes Are Back!

T & TH @ 4pm 
Th @ 5pm

Garrett - Owner

Education, Belief, Process

Education: I am an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist with a bachelor's degree in Health and Human Performance: Exercise Science.


Belief: My life has always revolved around sports and being apart of a team. This is how I like to structure my training as well. I treat all of my clients like they are friends or family to me. I prioritize your goals and your health to help you live a long and strong lifestyle. Whether it's working on losing weight, getting stronger, or increasing performance in a sport, I can help you get there! 


Process: I help you establish a sustainable and life-time relationship with exercise, and also give you the nutritional guidance to help you make changes in your eating behaviors. I have an Inbody Composition scanner to measure body fat, muscle mass, and much more to measure progress.


What Type of Clients Do I Train?

  • Sport Performance

  • Weight loss 

  • Increasing muscle mass

  • Improving endurance

  • Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High BP, and many other Chronic Diseases. 

Training will take place in River Falls:



- River City Ironworx, 264 Troy St. River Falls Wisconsin

Reach out with this form for any questions you may have!

I will get back to you as soon as possible!

River City Ironworx 264 Troy St., River Falls WI


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Chelsea Fiedler

When I started working with Garrett in May of 2021, I had never worked with a personal trainer or joined a gym before. I was nervous to start my journey to say the least. However, Garrett’s kind and easy going personality came through right away during our first session. I have felt nothing but comfortable and welcome working with Garrett at Ironworkx. Garrett is always willing to be flexible with my hectic schedule and is always working to switch up my workouts according to how my body is responding to my new lifestyle. I appreciate that Garrett is always striving to help me meet my fitness and weightloss goals while ensuring I am not pushing my body too far and that my technique is correct with every exercise to avoid any injuries. If you are looking to start a new fitness or weight loss journey and don’t want to feel intimidated or pressured, but instead welcomed and encouraged to succeed, I would 100% recommend you start your journey with Garrett.

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